Quinoa Flour

by incastreasure

Enjoy Healthier, More Delicious Baked Goods with Pure, Natural Quinoa Flour from Inca’s Treasure!

When you’re looking for a smarter, health-conscious way to bake, it starts with the right flour. Inca’s Treasure Organic Quinoa Flour was created to give you the essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals you need, but without the gluten or allergy concerns you have with standard flour. Sourced from Ecuador, our premium-quality baking flour uses plant-based ingredients free of soy, eggs, gluten, wheat, or artificial additives to ensure you get the very best baking support with every meal, snack, or baked good.

Product Details:

  • Quinoa Organic Flour
  • Special Reserve
  • Low Glycemic
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free
  • Net Weight: 12 oz. (340g)
  • Sourced from Ecuador
  • 6 Sigma Purity

Less Bitterness and Dryness

The best part of Ecuadorian quinoa is that it contains less saponin (the dust that causes bitterness). And because we use special processing, we remove it completely during the drying process to give it a more neutral flavor over any other quinoa flour!

Expand Your Recipe Menu

Quinoa flour is just as universal as the standard flour you’re used to using, but it’s way healthier! In fact, it can be used to make all the fun, delicious treats you love, like pancakes, cookies, brownies, cakes, and anything else that your taste buds crave.

Healthier, Gluten-Free Alternative

It’s not only important to know that quinoa flour can be used to make all your regular foods and baked goods, it’s also better for you. Often called a superfood, our flour contains phytonutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals; all good for your health.

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