Quinoa Tricolor

by Inca's Treasure

All grains are not created equal. At Inca’s Treasure, we grow only the highest quality organic quinoa varieties to create this INSPIRING product.

  • Organic Quality from an Authentic Source
  • Non GMO and Superior Quality
  • Complete serving of Protein in Every Portion
  • Packaged at Source

Quinoa was originally harvested by the ancient Incas on the pristine plateaus of the Andes and was considered the mother grain.  

It was a mainstay of their diet, and they perfected the raising and processing of this life-giving grain over hundreds of years.

Inca’s Treasure Tricolor Quinoa stays true to the tradition of responsible cultivation and handling through organic, non GMO production and superior quality.

Our Tricolor Quinoa is cleaned and dried thoroughly and optically scanned to remove the bitter saponins that occur naturally in quinoa. All you get is a delicate, nutty flavor and gorgeous color that can elevate any dish in which it’s used.

Use it in place of rice or other grains, or create your own recipes that accent its delicate flavor.

Its high protein content provides a complete serving of protein in every portion — perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike.

The benefits don’t stop there. This 100% organic grain has fiber, iron, and micronutrients that make it a nutritional powerhouse on your plate. It will nourish your body and satisfy your hunger — helping you to stay fuller, longer.

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