Spring Equinox: Mind, Heart and Soul

Spring Equinox: Mind, Heart and Soul

I think it's quite special to write about this year’s equinox in March when you live just about where the northern hemisphere meets the south. Taking a place on top of the equatorial line: Ecuador sings the praises on this day for spring and fall. Because of our latitudinal geographic location: seasons for us are dry and wet only. We get a couple of months of rain and for the rest of the year, we are one with the sun. Our interaction with snow I must say, takes place when we hike one of our thirty some volcanoes to the top in our mind-blowing highland region.

Seasonal transitions vary depending on your location on the globe: countries up north celebrate the end of winter and welcome the commencement of spring. Southbound locations turn the warmth of summer into the colorful ebb and flow of the autumn leaves.

According to Kevin E. Trenberth in his journal article What are the seasons? the calendar year is basically divided into four approximate three-month periods of different distances between the sun and the earth, affecting the hemispheres in dissimilar ways. Due to this condition, sowing and harvesting takes place in a syncopated manner around the world. That’s right: the music never stops!

Sow and Harvest: Unearthing the Treasure

At Inca’s Treasure, we are initiating our blog space Sow and Harvest on this very day, taking from our Ancient Culture its worldview of time. For the Andean cultures: time is not a possession nor something we can gain or loose, it’s the manifestation of being alive present in the continuous turning of day into night, our heart beats, when we breathe and in the motion of the tides. Rather than the likes of the contemporary quantity oriented precision scale, the importance of Andean time watches for qualitative attributes such as how important an occurrence is at its imminent time. The people of the Andes before us also believed that in every setting of the day-star, the sun would die only to rejoice in its renaissance at dawn the next day.

The regard of duality and complementarity in the Inca culture specifically allows for the balance and integration between opposites: chaos and order, up and down, information and energy, summer and winter, wet and dry seasons, sowing and harvesting, to name only a few. Andean time is cyclical hence circular, unlike the linear view of the modern world today. This is because their understanding of the universe, cosmos, space - time or pacha* was divided into an upper (Hanan) and lower (Hurin) expanse parallel to a deliberate notion of past, present and future.

The past (ñawpa) is in front of us: what we can see. The future (kipa), uncertain, we cannot behold it and so it falls behind us to our backs, whilst the present (kay) is this moment, in the now.[1]

We intend to align these lyrical conceptions into our three blog chest subdivisions: beginning, connection and essence; as to enhance our mind, heart and soul spirit in the stories we will feature.

Beginning: The Mind

In this tab, await written compositions that mark the rooting of our superfood treasures, shedding a light to the nascence of our products. The sow, the lay of the land, the scatter and spreading of wholesomeness. Stories from the earth, the planting, growing, gathering and agricultural magic of our Inca products. A day in the life of some of the 90 farmers we engage with. Be a part of the unearthing of interesting ideas and thoughts, following them through into activities, ambitions and goals with a malleable character that will portray what we learn together along the harvesting of that which we seek.

Connection: The Heart

We are all about human interaction and so we aim to feature our Inca’s Treasure products through recipe collections gathered by family, friends, strangers and significant others. That includes you! We will be delighted to have you participate with us in the tending of this virtual space of the blogosphere. You may surely coincide that cooking and meal preparations are one of the most powerful and profound forms of giving love. Even if cooking is not your thing, you have undoubtedly undergone such a treat of someone sharing their love through food with you and vice versa.

Tune in to interviews that’ll illuminate our heart, mind and soul states of spirit. You may also expect accounts on innovation and trends here, there and everywhere. Not forgetting to share the stories of colleagues and brands we admire, emphasising our common values.

Essence: The Soul

On this tab, look forward to reflexion entries that reference the treasures we hope to find on the life expeditions we set out on as we walk into a healthier and more mindful diet. At Inca’s we aspire to evolve people’s eating habits by connecting organic farming with conscious products that nourish the mind, heart and soul or as we’ve put it: the beginning, the connection and the essence.

Lastly, may this vernal equinox spring some of what you are looking for, may you grow, love and share and may we be a part of it!

Welcome to our blog!


* Use of italics for words in Quechua Language
[1] Estermann, J. (2015). Ciclicidad del tiempo. In Filosofía andina: Estudio intercultural de la sabiduría autóctona andina (207 – 219). Quito, Ecuador: Ediciones Abya-Yala.

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