Amazing Benefits of Golden Berries

Amazing Benefits of Golden Berries

Bites be golden. If a sweet and sour tart taste is what you crave when picking out a fruity snack: Inca’s Treasure Golden Berry Bites are the way to go. Let’s take on a walk about the amazing benefits of golden berries.

A golden berry is a honeyed fruit the size of a marble that due to its sweet taste attracts plages. Here is where it gets interesting when caring for its sow at Inca’s Treasure… Our organic natural sour patch product is dried, has no sugar added, complies with non-GMO and it's gluten and nut free snack. Also, paleo and vegan friendly, sourced and packaged in Ecuador available in 2.5 oz and 10 oz standup pouches.

How do we treat a plague that also wants in this mouthwatering fruit experience? We fumigate organically employing a cradle to cradle system using the saponin residue from our quinoa crops as a natural detergent. Etymologically, with a latin and french root; the word saponin is the sum of soap+in. Quinoa crops contain this powdery substance inherently and we use it to treat the sow of golden berries to repel the plagues. The white, red and black quinoa crops from Inca’s Treasure, undergo an optical scanning process that allows us to remove all saponin and eliminate the possibility of a bitter flavor in our quinoa product. In this manner we recycle that remnant the earth provides us with aiding the golden berry sow without having to turn to chemical fumigation resulting in a plague-free healthy fruit harvest. The residue of one product benefits the germination of another: this is what a cradle to cradle system is all about!

Golden Berries Nutrition Facts

The orangy color of the berries perfectly hint the vivid flavor that awaits. If you were to cut the fruit in half; you would find a resemblance to tomatoes due to the seeds it too carries. Endemic of some Northern countries of the South American continent, golden berries support the heart, kidneys and our overall health keeping our immune system ready for combat. One of my favorite beneficial attributes of this berry is its ability to lessen inflammation.

A fun fact you might find particularly important to be aware of is the golden berries capacity to aid sleep. Now you know: if you need a little push to catch some Z’s, golden berries’ll put you at ease. I’ll tell you all about the Inca’s Golden Doze beverage recipe in a minute however, I must anticipate it will not cure any insomnia or sleeping disorder, but it will help!

Looking to tackle diabetes, find a weight loss ally, or fill a detox vacant in your mix: look no further and let Inca’s Treasure Golden Berry Bites be golden.

Golden Berries are full of nutrients

Golden berries carry vitamins and minerals, polyphenols (organic chemical compounds), and a heavy load of nutrients. Excelling in the antioxidant category: golden berries help maintain our vitamin C levels, fight back against free radicals and some cancer forms.

Did I mention weight loss? Yes! golden berries or Uvillas as we know them in Ecuadorian Spanish, have a low caloric count that help when aiming to drop a size or more. Also looking out for our eye health, the yellow/red pigmentation present in these berries (carotenoids) tend to it. The good kind of cholesterol is golden at work here cleaning out the bad one. USDA enlists the nutrients for our Golden Berries under the name of ground cherries, highlighting the starring presence of Vitamin A, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin and Riboflavin.

Golden Berries Recipes

Inca’s Treasure dried Golden Berry Bites are as Inca’s dried Mangoes and Pineapple treats: an excellent addition to a healthy DIY granola, yogurt, trail mix, salad or açai bowl.

As I warned you a few lines back: I’d like to share a delicious brew you might enjoy, I call it Inca’s Golden Doze.

That’s right, an infusion of Golden Berries to fill our bodies with all that soundness I’ve been telling you about.

Inca’s Golden Doze is recommended particularly as a hot beverage to allow oneself to doze off as quickly as possible when in need. Still, you may add some ice cubes if you prefer a chilled drink.

To prepare it, add ¼ heaping cup of Inca’s Treasure Golden Berry Bites into 2 cups of boiling water, then cover it up from 5 – 8 minutes. Consider that the fruit/water ratio depends on how ponderous a golden berry taste you thirst after.

Lastly, pour and delight in its deliciousness. You might want to sift the berries out once the drink is ready but then again… you might not!

One 2.5 oz Inca’s Treasure Golden Berry Bites standup pouch makes approximately four cups of Inca’s Golden Doze.

Hoping you’ve enjoyed it: revel in the gold!

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